Short Sales: A Dignified Solution for Many Families

Occasionally, Steve Harney, our founder and lead content creator, asks us permission to share his personal feelings on a current real estate issue. Today, is one of those times. – The KCM Crew

I am truly excited that the banks are beginning to see that a short sale in many cases is a good alternative to foreclosing on a property. It makes more sense to sell the property at a higher price. At the same time, the banks are creating less vacant REOs (foreclosures owned by banks) which have blighted neighborhoods and negatively impacted  surrounding house values for the last several years

It is also satisfying that so many of my fellow real estate professionals are taking the time to get properly trained to facilitate these transactions to a successful closing. It is a good revenue stream for some agents at a time that has proven to be very difficult for many industry professionals to make ends meet.

However, today I don’t want to speak to the financial aspects of the surge in short sales. Instead, I want to address the impact it has on the families living in these homes. They have found themselves in over their heads. In many cases, they can’t afford the mortgage and are trapped – unable to sell because the mortgage exceeds the home’s value. They may believe that they are left with only one alternative – allow the home to proceed to foreclosure.

Let’s realize the consequences of this decision for the family. The day will come that someone in an official capacity knocks on the door and notifies the family it is being evicted immediately. No matter how well they have prepared, at that moment, spouses look to each other in embarrassment. There is a big difference between imagining how this moment might feel and actually experiencing it.

And, in so many cases, there are children involved. The official stands there as a mother or father gets on a knee and explains to their son or daughter that they must go pack up some of their toys and belongings in a hurry because the family must leave – now!

The short sale process avoids these situations. The family plans around a set closing date. The children are made aware of the move months in advance and the parents have time to lessen the pain of that move.

Short sales make good financial sense for all involved. They also allow families to exit an extremely difficult situation – WITH DIGNITY.

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