The Westchester, White Plains

Shopping Hours
Monday-Friday 10am-9pm Saturday 10am-9pm Sunday 11am-6pm (Holiday hours vary)
125 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 421-1333
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If you find yourself easily haunted by the ghosts of almost-purchases past (i.e. the adorable dress that you talked yourself out of to save money, but haven’t stopped thinking about since), be sure to bring a wallet full of cash and cards when you next visit Westchester Mall so that you won’t find yourself afflicted with a painful disease called non-buyer’s remorse.
Westchester Mall in downtown White Plains is an upscale indoor shopping Mecca containing so many desirable stores and restaurants that the destination will surely lure avid shoppers until kingdom come. The mall itself seemingly glows from within, due to the artful way the many skylights are arranged. Additionally, The Westchester Mall’s fountains and sculptures are a pleasure to behold, but the real treats at Westchester are the 150 bounteous stores. Among them, a spacious Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus-both the first of their line to grace the great state of New York. Designer stores are plentiful, and include names like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Theory, Burberry, Coach and Gucci. Layperson’s labels also abound, and the sheer number of choices amongst women’s clothing, shoes and accessories is almost dizzying.
Despite your best intentions, you won’t be able to buy everything at Westchester Mall, so you’re bound to regret how close you came (or didn’t come) to many almost-purchases. But don’t blame us for your sleepless nights-it’s not like we didn’t warn you.
Shop The Westchester Mall in White Plains NY!
Department store contact information / phone:
Neiman Marcus: (914) 428-2000
Nordstrom: (914) 946-1122
These Stores Are Talking:

Nordstrom – The Westchester Mall
Neiman Marcus – The Westchester Mall
Sephora – Westchester Mall
Pottery Barn – The Westchester
Williams-Sonoma Westchester Mall
Nine West – The Westchester
bebe – The Westchester Mall
Crate & Barrel – The Westchester
Juicy Couture – The Westchester Mall
Build-A-Bear Workshop – The Westchester
Anthropologie – Westchester Mall



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